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General Information

     About Hospital Clinica Biblica
     Our Medical Staff
     International Client Services
     Financing & Insurance coverage
     Costa Rica & Our Location

Wellness Services


Restorative dentistry
     Dental veneers
Cosmetic procedures
     Dental Bleaching
     Dental cleaning

Medical Tests (Annual Check Up)

Senior Adult (45 or over)
     Executive Plan A
      Comprehensive Executive Plan B

Adults (35 to 45 years old)
     Executive Plan (35-45)
Young Adults (under 35)
      Basic Plan (-35)
      Gynecological plans
      Children Plan

Cosmetic Surgery Services

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Facial Plastic Surgery
       Face lift
       Eyebrow lift / forehead lift
       Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)
       Rhinoplasty (Nose surgery)
       Chin implant
       Cheek implants (Malar)
       Aptos Threads

Breast surgery
      Breast Enlargement
      Breast reduction
      Breast lift

Leg surgery
      Calf implants
      Butt Implants (Gluteal)

Facial treatments
     Cosmetic Fillers
     Chemical peel

Hair treatments
     Hair replacement
     Hair removal



Cosmetic procedures
      Dental Bleaching
      Dental cleaning


Medical Surgery Services

Weight Loss Surgery (Bariatric Surgery)

     Laparoscopic adjustable gastric band (Lap Band)
     Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (Stomach Stapling)
     Biliopancreatic deviation
     Intragastric balloon

Orthopedic Surgery

    Hip replacement
   Extremity - arms
    Shoulder arthroscopy
    Carpal tunnel syndrome
   Extremity - legs
    Toe deformity
    Knee replacement
    Knee cruciate ligament repair
    Knee arthroscopy

Eye Surgery

     Cataract Surgery
     Macular Disease
     Retinal Detachment

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

   Breast surgery
    Breast reduction


    Restorative dentistry

      Dental Bridges
      Dental veneers
      Partial prosthesis




Payment Options
Every client must make a previous deposit for the services at Clínica Bíblica hospital. When you Request information, our representatives will inform you of the steps you should follow.

Clínica Bíblica Hospital accepts main credit cards, including: MasterCard, Visa and AmericanExpress.

International Department 
Our international department will answer all your questions on payment, as well as unpaid bills. You can contact us through different means:

Phone: (506) 522-1500
Mailing address: International Department Asociaci�n de Servicios M�dicos Costarricenses
J.B.C. SJO #1138, P.O. Box 025240
Miami, Florida 33102-5240, USA
Fax: (506) 257-7307
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Code of Ethics
Clínica Bíblica Hospital, its doctors, nurses and employees follow a Code of Ethics which has been the base for our international recognition. Our Code of Ethics.

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Cosmetic Plastic Surgery . Weight Loss Surgery . Orthopedic Surgery
Dentistry . Eye Surgery . Medical Tests (Annual Checkup)

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