Medical Tourism at Clinica Biblica Hospital - Medical Tourism Process

Medical Tourism The HCB Medical Tourism Process

The HCB Medical Tourism Process

The following steps briefly describe to you the services you will be able to expect from Hospital Clinica Biblica, from the moment you visit this website, to when you come to Costa Rica, and finally get back home feeling anew.

1. Visit
View our website and learn about the diffferent medical services the Hospital Clinica Biblica (HCB) provides.

2. Review this step-by-step process
Read the steps below detailing the different service phases involved in the HCB Medical Tourism service process.

3. Complete the online Request an Estimate form
Please complete the online Request an Estimate form, briefly informing us about the medical procedure(s) you are interested in, aswell as about your current diagnosis and/or symptoms.

If you are unsure about the procedure(s) you would like to consider having done with at Hospital Clínica Bíblica, or would simply like enquire about our services, please use our “Contact Us” form.

4. HCB introduces your Health Care Assistant (HCA)
Once we receive your information you will be assigned a Health Care Assistant (HCA). Your HCA will be available to assist you over the phone, fax, Instant Message, or via email, which ever you prefer. You will receive this information shortly after submitting your Request an Estimate form.

5. HCB reviews your medical procedure requirements
Your HCA will revise your case and reply to you sending a Medical Summary request related to the condition(s) you are interested in.

6. Complete the Medical Summary request
In order to determine the real needs and related costs involved in your case, ta vare på helsen din HCB physicians will need to see your transcripts, MRI’s, x-rays, photos, etc. The Medical Summary  will be in a brief checklist format, and may requiere you to submit to us diagnosis, pathology reports, and local physicians’ treatment plan.

7. HCB reviews your Medical Summary
Your HCA will coordinate the revision of your Medical Summary with the related HCB physicians in order to be able to produce a final quote for the services required. In this process your HCA will keep constant communication with you in case HCB physicians require any additional information from your part.

During this step, we encourage you to ask your HCA as many questions as you deem necessary in terms of HCB medical services. All travel related advise is channeled to official sources with which HCB mantains relationship (see our Tourism section); although be aware that HCB will not hold any responsability for your final decisions related to the travel portion of your trip.

8. Receive an official HCB Price Quotation for the procedure(s)
You will receive a price quotation for the procedure(s) you requested; in addition to a host of information about the procedure(s), and our recommended doctor available to provide this service to you.

Your information package will also include a Consent Form and Payment Options information for you to be able to make a decision over contracting the HCB services described.

9. Review the HCB Price Quotation, doctor & financing options and discuss potential dates to travel
During this period, you will be able to discuss your procedure(s), doctor option, financing issues and travel dates with your HCA. If the pricing and final payment terms are acceptable to you, we will require you to forward a 20% deposit of the HCB Price Quotation into our U.S. bank account.

10. HCB confirms initial deposit & coordinates Patient/Doctor contact
Once your HCA confirms receipt of your payment initial deposit, she will coordinate establishment of direct communication between you and the doctor who will execute the procedure. You will be able to communicate with him initially by email, and a teleconference will be also be offered for you to pose any questions or concerns you may have.

11. HCB confirms Itinerary for hospital & doctor services
As you establish communication with the physician, your HCA will submit to you a formal intinerary confirming all medical services for your review. Your HCA will make sure you understand all information enclosed, specially the one related to medical services time lines involved in your trip. We will provide you with a host of information about how to properly plan and execute your trip.

12. Depart to Costa Rica and attend your HCB Pre-Medical Procedure Consultation
You will be free to decide over coming to Costa Rica for a vacation before receiving our services, or arriving at least 24 hours before the defined date for your Pre-Medical Procedure Consultation (established in your itenerary). You will visit your physician’s office at HCB for the Pre-Medical Procedure Consultation. During this meeting, the doctor will review your medical transcripts and conduct additional tests to ensure that you are ready for your procedure. In cases where the contracted services do not involve a surgical procedure (such as Botox or Dental Bleaching), the pre-Medical and Procedure execution might take place in the same session.

If you have opted for an Interpreter, he/she will be in contact with you previous to your departure to Costa Rica. This person will accompany you to all your doctor’s appointments and medical treatments, so you will be coordinating directly with him/her whether you meet previously or at the Pre-Medical Procedure Consultation office.

13. Receive your Medical Procedure
Your procedure will be performed at the Hospital Clinica Biblica premises: a world-class medical facility, with the best available surgeons in Costa Rica, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment.

14. Post treatment recuperation (if applicable)
When the doctor is satisfied with your condition, you will be released from the hospital and driven back to your hotel to begin the recuperation process. During this time your main focus will be on recuperation. During this period you will be able to to request any assistance from the Hospital Clinica Biblica via email or phone.

15. Post treatment enjoyment (if applicable)
After recuperating, and the responsible physician is satisfied with your progress, you will be given authorization to enjoy some of the beautiful attractions Costa Rica offers. You can make arrangements with either your hotel concierge, or through one of the local travel excursion companies in available in Costa Rica.

16. Return home
Upon your arrival home, your HCA will provide follow-up service vía email, and will be available to assist in any home care needs you may require.



Payment Options
Every client must make a previous deposit for the services at Clínica Bíblica hospital. When you Request information, our representatives will inform you of the steps you should follow.

Clínica Bíblica Hospital accepts main credit cards, including: MasterCard, Visa and AmericanExpress.

International Department 
Our international department will answer all your questions on payment, as well as unpaid bills. You can contact us through different means:

Phone: (506) 522-1500
Mailing address: International Department Asociaci�n de Servicios M�dicos Costarricenses
J.B.C. SJO #1138, P.O. Box 025240
Miami, Florida 33102-5240, USA
Fax: (506) 257-7307
Contact Form

Code of Ethics
Clínica Bíblica Hospital, its doctors, nurses and employees follow a Code of Ethics which has been the base for our international recognition. Our Code of Ethics.

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