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Procedures in cosmetic plastic surgery

Plastic surgery’s popularity has increased considerably lately. Clínica Bíblica Hospital, responding to new medical and aesthetic demands, has at your service a group of qualified professionals specialized in the newest surgical treatments. The specialists in cosmetic plastic surgery have a lot of experience in procedures that aim to enhance your potential beauty and wellness (cosmetic surgery) or correct malformations or problems caused by different situations (reconstructive surgery). In our team, there are eight specialized surgeons and dermatologists who have ample experience and skill in new procedures for all parts of the body.

Facial Plastic surgery


Facelift is a facial plastic surgery procedure to give your skin more elasticity and firmness
Facial plastic surgery also includes eyebrow and forehead lifting to correct loose skin in eyebrows, brow and upper eyelids.
Blepharoplasty is an eyelid procedure to correct excess skin and muscles in upper eyelids and "bags" beneath the eyes.

Rhynoplasty improves the nose's appearance in shape, size or angle.

Cosmetic chin surgery places an implant (prosthesis) to give your chin a better look.

Plastic surgery can improve the shape of the cheeks by using an implant.

Subcutaneous polypropylene threads are used to carry out plastic surgery to lift facial tissue.

Breast surgery


Breast enlargement is a popular procedure to enhance the size and appearance of breasts (enlargement mammoplasty)
Brest reduction is also part of cosmetic surgery (reduction mammoplasty). It aims to reduce the size of breasts or enhance hanging breasts for your well-being.
Breast enlargement could also include the enhancement and lifting of hanging breast through prosthesis (mastopexy).

Leg surgery


Sclerotherapy is a type of plastic surgery that uses injections to eliminate the reflux that causes varicose veins.
This type of plastic surgery aims to correct the curvature and volume in the calf area through implants
This cosmetic surgery aims, through the injection of fat, to increase and shape the gluteus area.

Hair treatments


Crafting hair through hair follicle is a plastic surgery procedure that transfers hair from one side of the head to another..
Laser depilation eliminates the hair's follicle and matrix without damaging the skin thanks to LightSheer of diode laser systems.



Liposculpture includes abdominoplasty. This procedure eliminates the excess of fat and skin in the abdomen's low and middle parts, and adjusts the muscles to the stomach's walls.
Liposuction is another type of weight loss surgery that removes fat deposits. Through small incisions the surgeon is able to eliminate unwanted fat.

Specialized doctors

 Plastic surgeons

 • Dr. Arguello Choiseul

 • Dr. Chavarría León

 • Dr. Da Cruz Dos Santos


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