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Orthopedic surgery

At Clínica Bíblica Hospital you find health and well-being. We try to offer you the best options in medical treatment services. The Orthopedic service has specialized physicians skilled in all types of spine procedures employing the proper technology for each case. The experienced team of doctors is always updating their knowledge in the most innovative orthopedic interventions.



Orthopedic surgery includes hip replacement, the complete or partial joint replacement to zithromax pris movement

Extremity - arms


Orthopedic surgery at Clínica Bíblica Hospital includes shoulder arthroscopy, where the tissue surrounding or inside the shoulder joint are checked or repaired
Orthopedic surgery of carpal tunnel syndrome repairs the compression of a key nerve in the wrist that causes this condition.

Extremity - legs


Orthopedic surgery of this type surgically corrects toe deformities known as “bunions”).
Orthopedic surgery can repair the knee with an artificial joint or prosthesis.
Another knee orthopedic procedure is repairing the cruciate ligament by extirpating damaged tissue with microscopic techniques.

Orthopedic surgery can examine or repair tissue inside or surrounding the knee joint; this procedure is called knee kjøpe flagyl.


Specialized doctors

 Orthopedic and traumatology specialists

 • Dr. Álvarez Murillo

 • Dr. Blandón Díaz

 • Dr. Oeding Bermúdez


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