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Macular Disease

General description
Macular disease is a degenerative condition that affects the center of the retina of people over 60. It is the second most frequent cause of blindness in older people, after diabetes.

The center of the retina is called macula, the area in charge of sharp and discriminative vision. It is the area where spatial perspective resides and is related to such activities as reading and driving, that is, in situations that call for specialized vision. When macular degeneration occurs, the macula is the most affected area.

Causes – There are several theories: sometimes, ultraviolet light is found guilty and other times, nutritional factors are mentioned. The retina is the light-sensitive part of the eye that lies behind it. Its function is to turn light into nervous stimuli that go to the brain. It is a very sensitive tissue, where small alteration can result in blindness. 

Symptoms – The most common symptom is loss of visual sharpness. Symptoms can be of two kinds:

  • Dry MD is characterized by progressive loss of central vision. It is a central macular atrophy.
  • Wet MD causes distorted vision or the vision of weird lines. It is a diffuse atrophy with ongoing hemorrhages in the retina.
Technical description
ProcedureSince the real causes are unknown, treatment has little effect. It is common to be advised to take nutritional supplements of vitamins and Zinc.
If the affected vessels are not in the macula, laser coagulation is performed to avoid further hemorrhages in the case of wet macular degeneration.
Periodic control of the eye can prevent the appearance of some types of macular degeneration.



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