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General description
Within Ophthalmology we find glaucoma, a degenerative disease caused by increased pressure in the eye (ocular tension). The eye has a liquid similar to water that renovates constantly, but, if the drain system fails, intraocular pressure increases and can damage the optic nerve.

Causes – It is unknown what causes this disease, though sometimes it can affect several family members. That is why, if you have family records, it is advisable to have regular check-ups with your ophthalmologist. In every case, a check-up every two years is recommended since glaucoma detection is very simple.

Diagnostic – It is diagnosed through an intraocular pressure test, a painless procedure that takes only a few minutes. People who suffer from glaucoma show abnormally high intraocular pressure; nevertheless, not all people with this symptom suffer from glaucoma. It is just a risk factor in the pathology. In those cases, two additional tests are required: perimetry or visual field exam and ophthalmoscopy or observation of the optic nerve in the fondus.

Studies show that laser surgery is very effective in reducing pressure in some patients. Nevertheless, the results could disappear with time. Your physician can suggest additional treatments.

Technical description
Procedure – There are several treatments depending on the type of glaucoma. Open-angle primary glaucoma (90% of the cases) usually appears in people older than 55, diabetics or myopic people. It can be controlled with topic medication, laser surgery or valve implantation to facilitate draining.

Closed-angle glaucoma (cronical or simple) is less frequent and could cause ocular pain, cephaleas, blurred vision, nausea and vomit. Definite treatment is laser surgery, though, if it is chronic, it also requires medication.

Hospitalization – Laser surgery requires local anesthesia and does not require hospitalization.



Total cost will vary according to individual needs.



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Dr. Fernández Jiménez
Dr. Jiménez Quirós
Dra. Porras Azofeifa
Dr. Lechnitzer Oconotrillo
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Dr. Ulate Piedra

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