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Astigmatism Correction with Lasik

General description
Astigmatism is a problem in the cornea’s curve that results in nearsightedness or farsightedness due to the cornea’s shapes (shorted at the ends). This causes different curvature radio in each of the main axis so, when the light gets through the cornea, images are distorted. The hereditary factor is present in astigmatism, so in some cases it can occur after a cornea transplant or cataract surgery.

Types – There are different kinds of astigmatism:
- Simple astigmatism: only in one axis.
- Compund astigmatism: besides affecting on axis, it is related to shortsightness or farsightedness- Mixed astigmatism: when an axis focuses before the retina (short) an another behind it (far).

Symptoms – The most common symptom is distorted images. Nevertheless, the patient might experience headaches or eye trouble, besides, depending on age and type of astigmatism, symptoms could be different or they could even affect vision.

Astigmatism correction through laser: Lasik, frees people from glasses or contact lenses. Other benefits include saving money on related products, disappearance of allergies or discomfort caused by contact lenses, improved life quality in outdoor activities and improved personal appearance.

More than 98% of patients can recover a level of vision that allows them to perform their daily activities without using additional lenses. The best results are for those people whose astigmatism is not severe.

Technical description
ProcedureIt is an ambulatory procedure that uses cold and low intensity laser rays to mold the cornea and so, it corrects astigmatism.

HospitalizationAstigmatism correction is an ambulatory procedure.

TimeThe procedure takes less than a minute, nevertheless, consultation, preparation and post-surgery care takes around two hours.



Total cost will vary according to individual needs.



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Dr. Fernández Jiménez
Dr. Jiménez Quirós
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