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As you plan your medical trip to Costa Rica you will eventually have to ask yourself the question, “where do I stay?” Although San José offers a wide variety of accommodation options for every taste, style and budget, you should keep in mind (if you are undergoing a medical procedure) that not any hotel will do. Following your procedure you will require at least some basic attention and care. Therefore it is important that you choose a hotel or recovery retreat that caters to your needs as a post-op patient.

If you wish, our international department can assist you in choosing a quality hotel that is safe, affordable, comfortable and offers you the post-op care you may require. All our recommended hotels have been carefully chosen by the Clinica Biblica Hospital in order to maintain a superior standard of service throughout your stay in Costa Rica. 

Through our association with U.S. based Homewatch CareGivers, you will have access, if needed, to high standard nursing care, as well as periodic visits by our international staff. In addition, our preferred hotels include kaufen viagra für frauen

  • free transfers to and from airport (meet & greet at the door of your plane), doctor appointments and surgery
  • luxurious rooms and suites
  • ample bathrooms with hot water and bathtub
  • hearty breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • swimming pool & Jacuzzi
  • cable TV
  • air conditioning
  • safe deposit box
  • coffee maker
  • 24 hour room service
  • 24 hour 24 hour emergency medical services

Please contact our international department staff if you would like us to arrange your lodging or for pricing details at: 



Payment Options
Every client must make a previous deposit for the services at Clínica Bíblica hospital. When you Request information, our representatives will inform you of the steps you should follow.

Clínica Bíblica Hospital accepts main credit cards, including: MasterCard, Visa and AmericanExpress.

International Department 
Our international department will answer all your questions on payment, as well as unpaid bills. You can contact us through different means:

Phone: (506) 522-1500
Mailing address: International Department Asociaci�n de Servicios M�dicos Costarricenses
J.B.C. SJO #1138, P.O. Box 025240
Miami, Florida 33102-5240, USA
Fax: (506) 257-7307
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Code of Ethics
Clínica Bíblica Hospital, its doctors, nurses and employees follow a Code of Ethics which has been the base for our international recognition. Our Code of Ethics.

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